Standards for Mathematical Practices

CORE’s Standards for Mathematical Practices rubric was developed to assist teachers and instructional leaders in effectively implementing the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) to build mathematical proficiency while students are learning math content (concepts and skills). It is intended to serve as a guide to assist administrators, coaches, and classroom teachers in understanding key instructional elements that must be in place to support high student achievement.

The rubric identifies key aspects of what teachers do, and what students do to maximize effective growth through the SMPs. It’s most effective when used as a tool for goal setting and focusing on improving instruction. As such, instructional leaders and teachers should find area(s) of focus by agreeing on which SMP and which indicators in the SMP will be targeted for work on improving instruction in that particular teacher’s or group of teachers’ classroom(s). Pick out a few key points, a few bullets within one of the SMPs, and target those for improvement. Plan for these in instruction, look for these in observations, and reflect on these in post lesson discussions.


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