Curriculum Implementation Project Planning Toolkit

High-quality instructional materials* are one of the key levers for increasing outcomes for all students. This Curriculum Implementation Project Planning Toolkit will help you establish and execute plans for effective implementation of instructional materials.

Inside the toolkit you’ll find:

  • Instructional Materials Research — Current research on the adoption and implementation of high-quality instructional materials to help orient your team and get everyone on the same page.
  • Vision, Theory of Change, and Definition of Equitable Instruction Worksheet — Key questions to help you develop these three pillars of your implementation work.
  • Systems Map — A template that will help you examine your current implementation policies and practices so you can better understand how your system works and know what to prioritize changing in service of equitable student outcomes.
  • Why, What, How Worksheet — Answer the questions on this worksheet to help your team develop a shared understanding of why you’re doing this work and to guide the development of your Why, What, How document.
  • Implementation Team Overview — Identify your implementation team members and define their roles and responsibilities in the work ahead.
  • Implementation Timeline — Create a high-level timeline for your implementation team’s work and use this template to track major milestones.
  • Partner Alignment Worksheet — Organize the value and role each external partner holds in the implementation work and norm that group on their responsibilities.
  • Measuring Success Worksheet — Set overarching implementation goals against which to measure your progress.
  • Workstream Goals and Planning Worksheet — Based on the implementation overarching goals, workstream owners will develop their own implementation goals. This worksheet provides a place to document those goals.


*High-quality instructional materials are rigorous and grade-level.

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