Math Academy

CORE’s Math Academy increases educators’ knowledge of mathematical content understanding and evidence-based practices.

About CORE Math Academy

CORE’s Math Academy, designed for elementary, middle, and high schools, supports educators in creating engaging, content-rich experiences that combine pedagogy and curriculum to deepen student knowledge and application of math, foster proficiency, and meet state standards.


Targeting mathematical big ideas, Math Academy blends content and evidence-based practices so educators can create active learning environments, propelling students toward proficiency and meeting State Standards.

One-Day Training

Equip educators to implement and adapt engaging routines that boost fluency, number sense, classroom discourse, and problem-solving perseverance.

Four-Day Training

Empower educators with the knowledge and strategies to cultivate a deep understanding of essential math concepts for their grade-level.

CORE Math Academy Includes:

Big Ideas & Conceptual Domains

Orient student learning around connected concepts and relationships

Concrete-Representational-Abstract Models

Develop students’ flexible use of representations and strategies when doing math

Evidence-Based Instructional Routines

Engage students in hands-on and minds-on learning through structured routines

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One-Day Trainings

Each Math Academy provides practical strategies to enhance understanding and retention for all students while exploring connections between K–12 content.

  • Build Fluency and Number Sense

    This training focuses on fluency, number sense, and multiple representations.

  • Motivate Math Discourse

    This training focuses on idea sharing, argument building, mathematical language development, and diverse perspectives.

  • Develop Strategic Competence

    This training focuses on multidimensional math tasks and interactions that encourage all students to generate ideas, refine their thinking, and build problem-solving perseverance.

Four-Day Trainings

Each grade-level Math Academy explores the progressive development of students conceptual understanding and procedural fluency of four essential topics.


To maximize your professional development without disrupting the school year, we can deliver our four-day intensive during summer break or disperse it throughout the academic year.

  • Elementary Math Academy

    This training focuses on counting and number relationships, fractions, place value (addition and subtraction), and multiplication and division.

  • Middle School Math Academy

    This training focuses on rational numbers, rates and proportions, expressions and equations, and modeling with functions.

  • High School Math Academy

    This training focuses on algebraic reasoning, geometry, interpreting and building functions, and complex number systems.

Meet Our Experts

Cyndia Ackerman
Cyndia Acker-Ramirez

Vice President, Mathematics | CORE Learning

Cyndia partners with schools and districts to reimagine job-embedded professional learning, with a focus on the instructional core, instructional decision-making, and leveraging curricular materials to deepen students’ mathematical understanding.

Tatiana Mirzaian
Tatiana Mirzaian

Mathematics Manager | CORE Learning

Tatiana partners with schools and districts to deepen teacher pedagogical content knowledge and develop their capacity in instructional decision-making.

Dr. Katie Kaskasky
Katie Laskasky

Mathematics Manager | CORE Learning

Katie works to collaboratively develop and support the implementation of CORE’s professional learning and coaching model with schools and districts to include developing teacher capacity in instructional decision-making and integrating job-embedded curriculum implementation support.

Katie Salguero

Mathematics Director | CORE Learning

Katie aims to develop professional learning experiences that support teachers in their instructional decision-making to create active math learning environments and deepen students’ mathematical competence.

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