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Professional Learning In Structured Literacy Tailored For Language-Diverse Classrooms

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Inclusive Teaching.
Diverse Learning.

Professional learning tailored to California’s educational priorities

CORE Learning’s Online Language & Literacy Academy (OL&LA) is designed to complement the Literacy Coaches and Reading Specialists (LCRS) program in California, aligning with the objectives of California Assembly Bill 181 and Senate Bill 114. The LCRS program provides funds to develop literacy programs, employ and train literacy coaches and reading specialists, and develop and implement interventions for students needing targeted literacy support.

Building upon the LCRS program framework, CORE Learning’s Online Language & Literacy Academy (OL&LA) offers asynchronous, personalized professional learning for literacy. OL&LA integrates evidence-based reading instruction, second-language acquisition research, and CORE’s acclaimed Teaching Reading Sourcebook. This Structured Literacy course is specifically tailored for educators in language-diverse classrooms that include Multilingual Learners, English variety speakers, and students with dyslexia.

Designed for K–6 educators, K–12 special education teachers, and reading specialists
OL&LA empowers California educators with the knowledge and skills to:
  • Deliver standards-aligned and evidence-based reading instruction for all students, including Multilingual Learners, English variety speakers, and students with dyslexia.
  • Articulate the research on reading instruction and link research to practice.
  • Understand how to use informal diagnostic measures of phonological awareness, decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension as a basis for instructional decisions.
How OL&LA does it:
  • Comprehensive research-driven content: Following a meticulously crafted scope and sequence that distills evidence-based research in second-language acquisition and literacy development paired with reading assignments from CORE’s acclaimed Teaching Reading Sourcebook, educators improve their knowledge and skills so that every student is honored throughout their learning journey.
  • Enhanced professional learning with AI: AI-driven classroom simulations empower educators to enhance their teaching methods and seamlessly integrate evidence-based practices into their lessons, fostering rapid and effective professional growth.
  • Transformation of classroom practice: Instructional practices tailored for linguistically diverse settings are more than just classroom aids; they’re the building blocks of teacher success.


Each module is rooted in principles of Structured Literacy, focusing on the practical application of evidence-based reading and second-language acquisition research in language-diverse classrooms.

Module 1: Welcome

Module 2: Big Picture: Spoken Language, Reading, and Word Structure

Module 3: Effective Instruction: Language and Early Literacy

Module 4: Phonics, Decoding, and Irregular Words

Module 5: Multisyllabic Words, Spelling, and Fluency

Module 6: Vocabulary: Spoken and Written Language

Module 7: Syntax: The Structure of Language and Writing

Module 8: Comprehension: Language and Reading

Module 9: Assessing Reading

This course is for individuals or teams of educators who want to learn effective standards-aligned and scientifically research-based reading practices for all learners. Participants will need regular access to computers with an internet connection and proficiency with email and current internet browsers.

  • K–6 teachers
  • Special education teachers (K–12)
  • Reading specialists (K–12)
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Preservice teachers or classes

At the end of the course, California participants will be able to:

  • Identify the five essential components of evidence-based reading instruction.
  • Identify the best practices and explicit methods to develop phonemic awareness, phonics and irregular and multisyllabic word knowledge, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and literary and informational text knowledge.
  • Understand the factors that contribute to and affect reading comprehension, including the influence of oral language development.
  • Identify and use techniques to support oral and academic language development for linguistically diverse students, including Multilingual Learners, English variety speakers, and students with dyslexia.
  • Explore the structure of English and other language systems, including Spanish.
  • Understand the definition of dyslexia, common warning signs by grade level, and evidence-based instructional practices and accommodations to meet the educational needs of students with dyslexia.
  • Learn how to use informal diagnostic measures of phonological awareness, decoding, fluency vocabulary, and comprehension as a basis for instructional decisions.

OL&LA is available in several format options to meet your preferred learning style and schedule, including:

  • Fully asynchronous, self-paced
  • Asynchronous cohort with three CORE facilitator-led virtual live sessions
  • Asynchronous cohort led by in-district facilitators who have completed the OL&LA Cohort Leader (OCL) Certification course.

Please contact us for pricing.

Participants may receive three (3) semester graduate-level continuing education units through the Dominican University of California Continuing Education Department for an additional cost of $327. These units are typically used for salary advancement. There are no additional requirements beyond successful completion of the course. Participants may register and pay for these units once the course has started.

Interested in CORE’s Online Language & Literacy Academy?

CORE Learning partners with Collaborative Classroom to inform educators about the Online Language & Literacy Academy (OL&LA). Collaborative Classroom representatives are available to answer your questions.