Our Approach

CORE works collaboratively with teachers, coaches, school leaders, and district leaders to provide remote and in-person professional learning and ongoing support to implement high-quality curricula, rigorous instruction, and effective assessment practices.

The CORE Learning Approach

Instructional Knowledge

Professional learning to build leader and teacher knowledge and skills in the Science of Reading, writing, language, and math instruction that is culturally and linguistically responsive and enables all students to thrive academically.

Evidence-Based Resources

Guidance in selecting and implementing high-quality instructional curricula and timely, efficient assessments that address instructional needs.

Job-Embedded Support

Job-embedded coaching, collaboration, and data study to ensure sustainable results.

of Change

Too few students experience a rigorous, relevant, and inclusive public education.

To ensure all students experience a rigorous, relevant, and inclusive public education, we build the capacity of teachers, school leaders, and district leaders to:

  • Develop Instructional Coherence
    We support leaders to design and improve the coherence of instructional systems, including the adoption and implementation of high-quality English Language Arts (ELA) and math instructional materials, and responsive prevention and intervention strategies.
  • Improve Teaching and Learning
    We provide teachers and leaders professional learning experiences that enable them to effectively support and implement high-quality instructional materials, and instructional practices that are rigorous, relevant, and inclusive.

In order to ensure we provide the highest quality services, we:

Engage in Strategic Learning for Improvement
We support the growth of our team through equity-centered professional learning and ongoing evaluation which enables us to deliver the highest quality services.