Reading, Writing & Language Professional Learning Services

Improve and Sustain Reading, Writing & Language Achievement

Reading and writing are the foundations of all learning. And, more than ever, strong literacy skills are essential to success in college and the workplace. CORE’s reading, writing and language professional learning services provide preK-12 schools with a framework to implement and ensure the consistent use of high-quality ELA curricula and evidence-based reading and writing instructional strategies based on the science of reading.

Working with CORE’s expert Educational Consultants, teachers deepen their knowledge of reading, writing and language instruction and build their instructional skills. CORE also works with school leaders to help them implement consistent processes to develop teachers’ reading, writing and language instructional practices and create a professional learning culture that fosters high achievement.

CORE’s approach to reading, writing and language professional learning builds knowledge and skills through well-structured courses, coaching, modeling, and mentoring — offered onsite or remotely.  CORE’s professional learning support meets the ESSA Moderate Evidence requirement with three third party evaluations.

Share Knowledge

Through remote or onsite courses and workshops, teachers receive sustained and long-term professional learning. They learn a variety of evidence-based practices for teaching reading — based on the science of reading — and writing and assessing their impact on students’ literacy skills. We also provide many free resources, including live and on-demand webinars, to help build educators’ knowledge of the science of reading. Visit our Science of Reading Resource Library.

Build Skills

Our experts schedule onsite or online visits during which they mentor, model and coach teachers on how to effectively implement new teaching methodologies and high-leverage practices around their selected reading and writing curricula. Teachers are given personalized professional guidance on how to identify and address struggling readers, including English learners and those with dyslexia and other special needs, and provide appropriate instruction.

Sustain Change

CORE experts work closely with preK-12 school and district leaders to create and communicate district literacy plans, implement high-quality curricula, select and use effective assessments, establish pacing calendars and MTSS plans for interventions, and monitor teaching effectiveness school- and district-wide.

We have expert knowledge and experience assisting schools with implementing high-quality curricula and instructional best practices with their chosen program, including…

  • Amplify (Core Knowledge Language Arts)
  • Ancora Publishing (The Third Quest)
  • Benchmark Education Company (Benchmark Advance)
  • Center for the Collaborative Classroom (SIPPS, Being a Writer)
  • Curriculum Associates (Phonics for Reading)
  • (Wit & Wisdom)
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Journeys, Collections, Read 180, System 44)
  • Lexia (Core5 Reading, Power Up Literacy)
  • McGraw Hill (Wonders, StudySync, Flex Literacy, Open Court, Imagine It!, Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading)
  • National Geographic Learning (Reach for Reading)
  • Open Up Resources (EL Education K-5 Language Arts)
  • Pearson (myPerspectives, Reading Street)
  • Reading Plus (Reading Plus)
  • Voyager Sopris Learning (Language!, Language! Live, Read Well, REWARDS)
  • Wilson (Fundations)
  • Zaner-Bloser (The Superkids Reading Program)
  • And many more!

Together, we’ll develop and implement a plan to raise achievement for all students including English language learners and struggling readers.

Accelerate Reading Achievement

In addition to our onsite professional learning services, CORE now offers a full suite of services remotely including customized professional learning workshops, courses, and coaching and flexible consulting services to help you and your team address the changes and challenges of this time.

Online Elementary Reading Academy

7 modules on your own time at your pace over 10 weeks.

Learn foundational skills and effective instructional practices based on the science of reading so all students become strong readers.

Course fees include copies of the nationally recognized textbooks, Teaching Reading Sourcebook and Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures.

Onsite Implementation Support

Ensure professional learning makes a difference by bringing CORE experts onsite.

Enable teachers to observe effective instruction through modeled lessons, receive tailored coaching and practice their reading program routines as they implement high-leverage, standards-aligned instruction.

Bring a CORE expert to your site to facilitate data study, support MTSS implementation and mentor instructional leaders.

Reading Fundamentals

A short review of the fundamentals of teaching reading.

This workshop addresses the foundational concepts of the science of reading for all grade levels, covering the early grade basics as well as adolescent literacy and high-leverage intervention topics.

Topics are aligned to Common Core State Standards or your state’s standards.

Onsite Elementary Reading Academy

Dive deep into the science of reading..

Build your team’s fundamental knowledge of evidence-based reading instructional practices based on the science of reading

Bring a CORE Instructional Implementation Expert to your site for a five or six session Academy that will build a foundation for improving reading, writing and language instruction.

Adolescent Literacy Solutions

Empower literacy teachers with the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of struggling older students.

Build your teachers’ toolkit of practices and strategies based on the science of reading to help struggling students decode multisyllabic words and improve their reading fluency.

A CORE expert will show content area teachers ways to improve vocabulary knowledge and implement strategies to increase subject matter comprehension.

Take a Closer Look at CORE's Professional Learning Services

CORE offers many more services, workshops and publications to support your reading, writing and language professional learning. Take a look at our services overview to see which offerings align with your current goals for your students’ literacy achievement. CORE professional learning experts are available to help you assess your needs and develop a professional learning program that will help all learners succeed.

Students with Dyslexia & Word Reading Difficulties Can Become Strong Readers

Students with dyslexia do not need to struggle endlessly to become proficient readers. CORE’s professional learning services will equip your teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to prevent reading difficulty but also to identify the warning signs of dyslexia and intervene with evidence-based instructional practices that work. When working specifically with special education teachers, our professional learning services focus on effective instruction for students who have been identified with dyslexia.

Our Instructional Implementation Experts can also assist with the selection and implementation of effective reading curricula for teaching
students identified with dyslexia and other word reading difficulties.

Deepen your understanding of word reading difficulties, including dyslexia, and build your knowledge of evidence-based practices to support struggling readers with the webinars, articles and other free resources in our Word Reading Difficulties Resource Library.

Get Your Copies of the Most Up-to-Date Literacy Guidebooks

The best-selling guide to the science of reading, the Teaching Reading Sourcebook, has a new 3rd edition available. Fully updated and including an entire chapter on MTSS, this is a must-have resource to bridge the gap between evidence-based reading research and actionable instructional strategies. Pair it with the newly revised Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures for a collection of assessments that help identify why a student is having reading difficulty and plan effective interventions.

Ensure Change and Student Success Are Lasting Through Leadership Development

Knowledgeable and skillful leadership is critical to ensuring ELA instructional effectiveness, teacher satisfaction and student achievement.

CORE’s approach to instructional change starts with building leadership skills and institutional capacity. Over multiple site visits, a CORE Instructional Implementation Expert works side by side with site leaders to:

  • Share knowledge
  • Mentor
  • Implement MTSS
  • Integrate high-leverage teaching practices
  • Facilitate data-study
  • Develop plans to ensure ongoing professional learning and sustained academic achievement
  • Conduct learning walks to see instruction

Build Your Team's Capacity to Lead Instructional Change

CORE's Training of Trainers

Equip your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to redeliver CORE professional development events so that essential knowledge and proven instructional practices can be shared and implemented effectively across your school or district. Training and certifications are available for Sound Beginnings: A Workshop on Early Literacy, CORE Reading Academy and Adolescent Solutions.

Leverage MTSS to Support the Learning Needs of All Students

Multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) are designed to improve academic, behavioral and social-emotional outcomes for all students, whether they are struggling or have advanced learning needs. CORE helps educators develop the knowledge and skills to implement sustainable MTSS frameworks.

MTSS offer a framework in which to provide high quality instruction and interventions matched to student need. Implementing MTSS requires knowledge at all levels, resources, and organizational structures. CORE supports schools and districts with the design of effective MTSS frameworks and the necessary changes to processes and practices needed for MTSS to truly impact student achievement.

CORE MTSS experts work with:

  • Leadership teams to implement a coordinated system of prevention and intervention designed to prevent academic failure and to proactively intervene when students are at risk
  • Teachers to coach them on how to identify student need, monitor student progress, and adjust interventions using data-driven decision-making