CORE Literacy Services

Our Approach

CORE’s reading, writing, and language professional learning services provide Pre-K-12 schools with a framework to implement evidence-based reading and writing instructional strategies based on the Science of Reading

Through our Literacy Services, we help teachers to:

  • Develop knowledge
  • Build skills
  • Sustain change

CORE also works with school leaders to help them support teachers and create a professional learning culture that fosters high achievement.

CORE’s approach comprises well-structured courses, coaching, modeling, and mentoring — offered onsite or remotely.

The Science of Reading

The Science of Reading is a vast, interdisciplinary body of scientifically-based research on reading and writing developed by the Defining Movement Coalition.

This research has been conducted worldwide over the last five decades and derives from thousands of studies in multiple languages. The Science of Reading explains: 

  • How proficient reading and writing develop.
  • Why some learners have difficulty with reading.
  • How to assess and improve student outcomes through solutions for students with reading difficulties.

CORE’s reading, writing, and language professional learning services provide preK-12 schools with a framework to implement evidence-based reading and writing instructional strategies based on the Science of Reading. 

CORE helps educators build and sustain knowledge and skills through well-structured courses, coaching, modeling, and mentoring. Courses and other professional learning support can be offered online or in person.

Meet Our Literacy Experts

Kristina Arcuri

Literacy Partnerships Manager | CORE Learning

Kristina is a former superintendent with 24 years of experience in the education sector, focused on driving growth and improving test scores by recruiting and maintaining high-quality staff. She is a decisive leader and analytical problem-solver with a solid track record of success.

Dr. Dale Webster
Dale Webster

Interim President | CORE Learning

Dale is responsible for the day-to-day operations, training, and quality control of CORE’s educational consulting and management staff. Dale brings 20 years of experience in teaching, professional development/technical assistance, research, state-level policy work and administration, and curriculum development to schools and districts across the country.

Fineé E. Taylor

Facilitator Operations Manager | CORE Learning

Dr. Fineé E. Taylor has been an educational consultant for over 15 years and taught a range of elementary grades, served as an instructional coach, worked as an associate reading professor, and served as a Pre-K and Elementary Curriculum Supervisor.

Garla L. Jalloh

Interim Sr. Vice President, Literacy | CORE Learning

Garla specializes in secondary literacy and finds great joy and fulfillment in supporting and building capacity in middle and high school educators so that they are equipped to provide equitable learning environments for their students, with a focus on literacy.

Thomas Acampora

Director, Literacy Projects | CORE Learning

Thomas Acampora has over 15 years of experience working in and with schools to improve outcomes for students. He has led teams of that worked with middle and high schools to improve graduation rates by creating systems of student support, including small learning communities, early warning systems, positive behavior supports and restorative practices.

Dr. Carrie Thomas Beck
Carrie Thomas Beck

Director, Literacy – Internal Support | CORE Learning

Carrie comes to CORE after working as the Dyslexia Specialist for the Oregon Department of Education and has been curriculum specialist. She has taught elementary and secondary special education.

Cris Goldy
Cris Goldy

Literacy Content Director – Secondary | CORE Learning

Cris provides services to schools, districts and agencies to support effective program implementation, multi-tiered systems of support, special education and special programs support, strategic improvement plans, instructional leadership, teacher development, training, and coaching.

Erica Hidalgo
Erica Hidalgo

Literacy Partnerships Manager | CORE Learning

Erica was a classroom teacher in both Texas and New Mexico before serving as an elementary school principal and curriculum director. Prior to working with CORE, Erica served as a curriculum director.

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