Math Professional Learning Services

Transform Math Instruction to Deepen Mathematical Understanding

The jobs of tomorrow will require math skills that include deeper knowledge and the ability to reason, problem solve and apply that knowledge. In order to prepare today’s students to meet the demands of the future, preK-12 educators must be able to deliver rigorous mathematics instruction.

CORE works with educators to increase their mathematics knowledge and their ability to implement and use of high-quality math curricula materials, evidence-based  instructional strategies and effective assessments. Support is also provided to help educators support mathematics success for English language learners and students with special learning needs.

CORE’s proven model transforms mathematics programs so that all students have the understanding, skills and reasoning abilities to successfully enter their career or college of choice.

Share Knowledge

Onsite or remote personalized professional learning workshops and courses led by CORE Educational Consultants help teachers improve their pedagogical and math content knowledge as well as their understanding of evidence-based instructional practices that improve math achievement. Our experts are committed to providing sustained and long-term professional learning to ensure lasting success.

Build Skills

CORE’s experts partner with educators to plan, implement, and reflect on evidence-based math instruction in their classrooms using their chosen curricular programs. Through personalized coaching, modeling and mentoring, teachers learn to deliver rigorous mathematics and support the learning needs of all students.

Our experts also help teachers identify available resources, determine additional support needed and assess student learning.

Sustain Change

CORE experts work with leadership teams to develop school- or district-wide mathematics programs that improve learning for all students, including those with special needs. Coaches support leaders as they create the environment necessary for new instructional practices to take hold and student outcomes to improve.

We have expert knowledge and experience assisting schools with implementing high-quality curricula and instructional best practices with their chosen program, including…

  • Curriculum Associates (Ready Classroom Mathematics; iReady)
  • (Eureka Math)
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (AGA Series (HS); Big Ideas Math; Do the Math; GO Math!; Math 180; Math in Focus; Saxon Math)
  • McGraw Hill (ALEKS; Everyday Math; Glencoe Math)
  • New York State Education Department (NYSED) (EngageNY Math)
  • Open Up Resources (Open Up Resources 6-8 Math)
  • Savvas (AGA series (HS); Connected Mathematics Project (CMP); enVision)
  • The Math Learning Center (Bridges Math)
  • Voyager Learning Sopris (Inside Algebra; TransMath; Vmath)
  • And many more!

What sets CORE apart as an experienced professional development provider for all math curricula is our deep onsite implementation support. Whichever program you use, we’ll help you develop and implement a plan to raise achievement for all students including EL, struggling students and students with disabilities.

Accelerate Math Achievement

In addition to our onsite professional learning services, CORE now offers a full suite of  services remotely including customized professional learning workshops, courses, and coaching and flexible consulting services to help you and your team address the changes and challenges of this time.

Onsite Implementation Support

Ensure professional learning makes a difference by bringing CORE experts on site.

Enable teachers to observe effective instruction through modeled lessons, receive tailored coaching and practice their math program routines as they implement standards-aligned instruction.

Bring a CORE expert to your site to facilitate data study, support MTSS implementation and mentor instructional leaders.

Mathematical Discourse, Writing, and Academic Vocabulary K-12

Make math language and discourse accessible to all students.

Learn how to increase proficiency through meaningful discourse, math centered writing activities and building math specific vocabulary.

Building Fluency and Number Sense

Support students’ mathematical fluency and robust number sense.

Learn how fluency and number sense are connected through standards and teaching, and learn how to use fluency activities to be engaging and build number sense.

Onsite Elementary Math Academy

Dive deep into the critical components of effective math instruction.

Build your team’s knowledge of essential mathematics content and their skills with high-leverage, evidence-based math instructional techniques for all learners.

Bring a CORE Instructional Implementation Expert to your site for a two to five session Academy that will build a foundation for improving math instruction and learning.

Teaching Problem Solving Through Mathematical Modeling K-12

Teach perseverance with problem solving and math applications.

Learn how to increase students’ ability to tackle problem solving and see how to deepen and extend knowledge through math applications.

Program Planning: Connecting Objectives, Assessments and Key Topics

Ensure effective instruction with your chosen math program.

Prepare teachers for coherent and high-leverage instruction by focusing on the connections between objectives, assessments and key learning topics.

Take a Closer Look at CORE's Professional Learning Services

CORE offers many more services, workshops and publications to support your math professional learning. Take a look at our services overview to see which offerings align with your current goals for your students’ mathematics achievement. CORE professional learning experts are available to help you assess your needs and develop a long-term and sustained professional learning program that will help all learners succeed.

CORE Collaborative Inquiry

A new instructional decision-making framework from CORE that centers teachers in their own learning

CORE Collaborative Inquiry is a curriculum-aligned professional learning model that puts teachers at the center of decision-making, pairing an asset-focused approach with effective and engaging instructional resources.

Together, teachers and school leaders will grow student belonging, academic identity, and achievement.

Ensure Change and Student Success Are Lasting Through Leadership Development

Knowledgeable and skillful leadership is critical to ensuring math instructional effectiveness, teacher satisfaction and student achievement.

CORE’s approach to instructional change starts with building leadership skills and institutional capacity. Over multiple site visits, a CORE Instructional Implementation Expert works side by side with site leaders to:

  • Share knowledge
  • Mentor
  • Implement MTSS
  • Integrate high-leverage teaching practices
  • Facilitate data-study
  • Develop plans to ensure ongoing professional learning and sustained academic achievement
  • Conduct learning walks to see instruction

Build Your Team's Capacity to Lead Instructional Change

CORE's Training of Trainers

Equip your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to redeliver CORE professional development events so that essential knowledge and proven instructional practices can be shared and implemented effectively across your school or district. This model will ensure long-term and sustained impact over time. Training and certifications are available for the elementary, middle school or high school CORE Math Academies.

Improve Instruction and Academic Achievement for Students with Disabilities

Many special education teachers are not adequately prepared to teach math. Until they are, the gap between general education and special education students will remain. CORE works with special education teachers and paraprofessionals to build their instructional skills so that they have the same expertise in evidence-based math practices as general education teachers.

Our on-site, job-embedded professional learning provides:

  • Personalized training in the science of how to teach math and reading, particularly to students with learning difficulties, including dyslexia
  • Instruction on integrating high-leverage practices (HLPs) into instruction
  • Assistance identifying and implementing evidence-based curricula, appropriate materials and assessments
  • Coaching, including modeling lessons, analyzing data, reviewing IEPs, and setting goals for robust student outcomes
  • Guidance to establish processes to reduce the over-identification of students in need of special education services and the over-representation of English learners and children of color

Leverage MTSS to Support the Learning Needs of All Students

Multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) are designed to improve academic, behavioral and social-emotional outcomes for all students, whether they are struggling or have advanced learning needs. CORE helps educators develop the knowledge and skills to implement sustainable MTSS frameworks.

MTSS offer a framework in which to provide high quality instruction and interventions matched to student need. Implementing MTSS requires knowledge at all levels, resources, and organizational structures. CORE supports schools and districts with the design of effective MTSS frameworks and the necessary changes to processes and practices needed for MTSS to truly impact student achievement.

CORE MTSS experts work with:

  • Leadership teams to implement a coordinated system of prevention and intervention designed to prevent academic failure and to proactively intervene when students are at risk
  • Teachers to coach them on how to identify student need, monitor student progress, and adjust interventions using data-driven decision-making