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Active Math Learning

Active math learning is a student-centered approach that engages students in a vibrant community of learners to construct their mathematics knowledge through hands-on exploration, minds-on problem-solving, and physical activity.


CORE offers site- and district-based professional learning that is centered on mathematical big ideas and grounded in research and evidence-based instructional practices for engaging students in hands-on and minds-on learning.

Hands On + Minds On = Active Math Learning

Hands-on learning involves students as individuals in the learning process and deeply engages them in the mathematical content.


Minds-on learning engages students in constructing their own knowledge of math concepts to prompt higher-order thinking.

When instructional time is spent in Active Math Learning, students increase their…

Academic Achievement

Engagement & Motivation

Conceptual Understanding

Problem-Solving Skills

Meet Our Math Experts

Dr. Katie Kaskasky
Katie Laskasky

Program Manager | CORE Learning

Katie Laskasky works to collaboratively develop and support the implementation of CORE’s professional learning and coaching model with schools and districts to include developing teacher capacity in instructional decision-making and integrating job-embedded curriculum implementation support.

Cyndia Ackerman
Cyndia Acker-Ramirez

Director, Professional Learning | CORE Learning

Cyndia Acker-Ramirez partners with schools and districts to reimagine job-embedded professional learning, with a focus on the instructional core, instructional decision-making, and leveraging curricular materials to deepen students’ mathematical understanding.

Tatiana Mirzaian
Tatiana Mirzaian

Program Manager | CORE Learning

Tatiana Mirzaian works collaboratively to develop and support the implementation of CORE’s Collaborative Inquiry model with schools and districts to reimagine job-embedded professional learning.

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