Rise in Math

Rise in Math is a coaching and inquiry-based professional learning model that helps educators create active learning classrooms where students are engaged, empowered, and successful doers of mathematics.

CORE’s Rise in Math services provide educators with curriculum-aligned, classroom-tested, evidence-based practices and strategies that promote problem-solving, mathematical thinking, and foster students’ joy of learning.


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Our Services

Seminars + Coaching

Teachers engage in a 3-part seminar going deep on a strand of learning accompanied by teacher coaching sessions


Instructional Rounds + Coaching

Site-based teams work to create a shared vision and study their own classrooms, paired with teacher coaching and instructional leadership collaborations

Rise in Math Supports School Teams to:

Maximize student learning through classroom interactions

Deepen students’ mathematical knowledge and skills, and develop ownership of learning

Lead a culture of co-learning and continuous improvement

Implement practical instructional strategies and tools

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Seminars + Coaching

Current Strands of Learning

Equity and Access in the Math Classroom

Position students as powerful mathematical thinkers by building on their math knowledge


Social-Emotional Learning in the Math Classroom

Grow students as problem solvers and self-regulated learners through embedded approaches to social-emotional learning


Engaging Multilingual Learners in Math

Encourage discourse while simultaneously developing mathematical thinking and academic language

Upcoming Strands of Learning

Designing Active Math Learning Classrooms

Plan experiences for students to interact with each other, the mathematics, and themselves within the instructional core


Scaling Active Math Learning Classrooms

Integrate routines to engage students in thinking mathematically and problem-solving to apply and transfer knowledge

Each strand of learning includes three 60-minute group seminars and three 45-minute coaching sessions.

Instructional Rounds + Coaching


Step 1: Conceptualize the Ideal

Workshop – 90 mins Develop student-centered goals


Step 2: Analyze Evidence to Focus Direction

Instructional Rounds – 3 hrs Observe classrooms to refine collective student-centered goals


Step 3: Choose Solutions

Workshop – 60 mins 1-on-1 Coaching – 45 mins


Step 4: Adjust Implementation

Instructional Rounds (×3) – 3 hrs 1-on-1 Coaching (×2) – 45 mins

School Leaders

Step 1: Conceptualize the Ideal

Network #1 – 90 mins Launch of Rise in Math


Step 2: Analyze Evidence to Focus Direction

Network #2 – 60 mins Analyze current professional learning resources


Step 3: Choose Solutions

Network #3 – 60 mins Monitor and give feedback to attain student-centered goals


Step 4: Adjust Implementation

Network #4 – 60 mins Plan for professional learning and sustainability for the next year

Meet Our Math Experts

Cyndia Ackerman
Cyndia Acker-Ramirez

Vice President, Mathematics | CORE Learning

Cyndia partners with schools and districts to reimagine job-embedded professional learning, with a focus on the instructional core, instructional decision-making, and leveraging curricular materials to deepen students’ mathematical understanding.

Dr. Katie Kaskasky
Katie Laskasky

Mathematics Manager | CORE Learning

Katie works to collaboratively develop and support the implementation of CORE’s professional learning and coaching model with schools and districts to include developing teacher capacity in instructional decision-making and integrating job-embedded curriculum implementation support.

Tatiana Mirzaian
Tatiana Mirzaian

Mathematics Manager | CORE Learning

Tatiana partners with schools and districts to deepen teacher pedagogical content knowledge and develop their capacity in instructional decision-making.

Katie Salguero

Mathematics Director | CORE Learning

Katie aims to develop professional learning experiences that support teachers in their instructional decision-making to create active math learning environments and deepen students’ mathematical competence.

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