Math Instructional Materials Evaluation Rubric

During the curriculum adoption process, CORE Learning facilitates school districts through the development of a materials evaluation rubric. Rubric development follows two key phases: 1) “Know Your Needs” or discovery and instructional vision development and 2) “Recruit and Prepare Your Adoption Team.” Creating a rubric that reflects the partner district’s instructional vision is a key part of the materials adoption process.

This sample math materials evaluation rubric was developed by an adoption team at a school district in Tennessee to drive their decision-making process and lead to the selection of high-quality mathematics instructional materials. The adoption team, consisting of district and school leaders and teachers, collaboratively created this rubric, developing performance criteria and indicators that started with alignment to standards but also included additional criteria that align with best practices and reflect the needs of their specific population.

After developing the rubric, the adoption team tested the rubric in a low-stakes setting to finalize language and norm on scoring. The rubric was then used to review instructional materials considered by the district during the final phase of our process, Materials Discovery and Investigation—a phase that concluded with a district math materials adoption decision.

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Math Instructional Materials Evaluation Rubric