6 Conditions for Success in High-Quality Instructional Materials Implementation

While research confirms that implementation of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) aligned to rigorous standards leads to notable learning gains for students, only 40% of teachers report that they are using curricula that are “high-quality” and well-aligned to learning standards. Many districts have responded to these statistics by prioritizing the adoption of high-quality curriculum. Identifying and selecting high-quality curriculum is the first step, but implementing it well is just as important.

Implementation of new instructional materials requires change at all levels of the system. CORE Learning partners with districts and schools to support them with building the systems and processes needed for sustainable implementation of high-quality English Language Arts (ELA) and Math instructional materials that produce equitable student outcomes.

CORE Learning utilizes a set of conditions that districts should focus on developing for successful HQIM implementation.


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