We are CORE

For 25+ years, CORE has pioneered evidence-based and research-grounded professional learning experiences and school supports that equip educators with the tools they need to advance rigorous instruction, high-quality materials, and effective assessments.


In 1995, acclaimed author Linda Diamond and former California Superintendent Bill Honig founded CORE in response to California’s crisis in reading achievement and to the systemic instructional inequities. Knowing that literacy is a critical lever to achieving educational equity, their solution was to share with educators evidence-based research and practices on the most effective ways to teach children to read and help them implement instruction that works. CORE expanded their mission in 2009 to include evidence-based math practices.

In 2017, CORE became a subsidiary of Pivot Learning, the largest and most experienced non-profit technical assistance provider for school districts in California. CORE and Pivot then merged with UnboundEd in 2022 to expand our offerings and drive long-needed changes in instruction, especially in the highest-need schools.

Together, CORE and UnboundEd are committed to improving education and raising achievement for our nation’s most vulnerable students.

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