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Thanks for joining us! Watch these four, one-hour long webinars anytime, anywhere you want.

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Trauma, Language, and Child Development: Teaching Reading Well, IS Trauma Informed Care

Dr. Steve Dykstra, a clinical psychologist for Milwaukee County, unpacks the uniquely essential role that language and literacy play in the process of child development in the modern world, and how language and literacy interact with other factors that drive healthy development.

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Using the Science of Reading to Improve Literacy Instruction for English Learners

Dr. Claude Goldenberg share what is known about promoting development in two distinct but related and complex domains: oral language and reading and how the science of reading can be applied to teaching English learners to read and write in English.

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Teaching Spelling Using a Structured Literacy Approach

Teaching spelling involves teaching about language and showing students why words are spelled the way they are. Dr. Louisa Moats discusses how spelling supports reading and writing and reviews a comprehensive approach to teaching spelling that complements reading instruction.

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MTSS: Designing and Implementing Interventions for Mathematics Learning

Deepen your understanding of MTSS and its application in math instruction to ensure all learners have equitable opportunities for success with insights and guidance from Drs. David J. Chard, Leanne R. Ketterlin-Geller and Sarah R. Powell.

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Click the button below to access all of CORE’s on-demand webinars for additional summer learning opportunities.

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