Developing Multilingual Learners’ Proficiency with Academic Language

Presented by: Antonio A. Fierro, Ed.D.
Vice President of Professional Learning and Academics, 95 Percent Group

Even when multilingual learners can communicate socially they may not yet have the language needed for academic and professional success. However, research shows that multilingual learners will be successful in school when academic language is systematically developed.

Academic language is more demanding and complex than social or general English. Acquisition of academic language requires explicit and deliberate instruction so all students are able to fully and successfully participate in classroom discussions, activities, and assignments around content area text.

During this on-demand webinar Antonio Fierro shares insights and guidance on teaching academic language to multilingual learners, including:

  • Why systematic and explicit instruction of academic language should be integrated into the core curriculum at all grade levels.
  • The importance of teaching general academic vocabulary and the structures of language, such as phonology, orthography, semantics, and syntax.
  • The impact that supporting academic language development has on multilingual learners’ ability to engage with the core curriculum.

Tune in to build your knowledge of how to help multilingual learners develop the language skills needed to interact meaningfully with the content they’re being taught.


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