Let’s Talk! Engaging Learners in Meaningful Math Discourse

Moderator: Cyndia Acker-Ramirez, M.Ed., Director, Professional Learning, CORE


  • Rolanda Baldwin, Vice President, Mathematics, UnboundEd
  • Tatiana Mirzaian, M.Ed., Program Manager, CORE
  • Kathleen Stevens, M.Ed., Director, Curriculum Services, CORE


Increasingly, math standards require students to discuss the math they are learning and to explain their thinking. In order for students to build these skills, mathematical discourse must be a regular part of math classes, giving students opportunities to pose questions, compare and contrast solutions, and articulate their understanding of concepts.

Since returning to the classroom following the pandemic, many teachers need support to refresh their skills with facilitating math discourse. A different mindset and different set of practices are required to make this instructional approach effective and impactful. During this panel discussion, a group of math educators and professional learning experts will share what’s needed to get students engaged in active and productive math discourse.

Tune in to this on-demand webinar to learn:

    • How math discourse makes deep math learning accessible to all students

    • What’s needed to create an environment and culture that supports math discourse

    • Key considerations when planning and preparing for math discussions that are engaging and affirming for students

    • How to leverage math language routines to advance student thinking

Whether you’re already using mathematical discourse or are exploring how to get started, this discussion will provide valuable insights and tools to orchestrate well-structured mathematical conversations that build students’ confidence and math skills and help them see themselves—and their classmates—as mathematical thinkers.


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