Connecting Writing to the Science of Reading: Foundations for Developing Writing in Young Learners

Presented by:
Lucy Hart Paulson, Ed.D., CCC-SLP
Literacy Specialist

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are the traditional three Rs of learning. Yet, too often in today’s classrooms writing is separated from reading instruction in spite of a solid body of research that supports the interconnected nature of learning to read and to write.

During this webinar Dr. Lucy Hart Paulson explores the importance of systematic, explicit instruction of foundational writing skills and share:

  • The developmental connections between reading and writing in the early literacy time period
  • Assessment strategies to identify levels of writing skill development
  • Research-based instructional techniques to help young children build writing skills, which facilitates literacy learning

Watch on-demand for insights to deepen your understanding of the role of writing in literacy development and how to integrate writing into your reading program.

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