Academic Quarterly

Leadership Corner Winter 2022

Resources to Support Academic and Behavior Instruction and Intervention

This issue of the Leadership Corner complements the Reading Expert article about Tier 2 instruction by informing our readers about the IRIS Center, which is housed at Vanderbilt University. On its website, the IRIS Center describes itself as a national center dedicated to improving education outcomes for all children, especially those with disabilities from birth through age twenty-one, through the use of effective evidence-based practices and interventions.

The IRIS Center has a wealth of resources that support both academics and behavior and are useful for school practitioners and university faculty. In this challenging time when schools are facing the pandemic, both behavior and academic resources can be greatly useful. The beauty of the IRIS Center’s website is that items can be found by multiple means.

One particular page to find a wealth of resources is the IRIS Resource Locator. This page can help locate resources related to accommodations, assistive technology, differentiated instruction, IEPs, learning strategies, school improvement, and much more. For each topic, there are short modules, information briefs, case studies, web resource directories, and more. This page categorizes the resources in a variety of ways—by topic, by resource type, and by module element for locating resources easily.

The Available Modules page can also help locate content on the site. It combines all the modules in one location. These free modules are listed alphabetically or can be filtered by topic. Each module provides a description of course content and objectives. After completing the modules, a certificate of completion will be provided. Micro-credential courses are also offered on instructional accommodations.

We hope you find value in these resources from the IRIS Center.


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