English Language Learners

Improve educational outcomes for ELL students

Millions of students in U.S. schools are English Language Learners (ELL), and that number continues to grow. These students require specialized assistance to help them become proficient English speakers, and therefore improve their academic achievement and performance.

CORE offers targeted, personalized workshops to preK-12 educators, administrators and aides that focus on building English literacy acquisition and language development skills among ELL students. Educators will learn high-leverage instructional practices for developing students’ oral language and building academic language and vocabulary.

CORE implementation experts also offer ongoing, site-based support to identify and place ELL students. From there, CORE experts mentor educators in implementing curricula, selecting instructional support materials and mastering effective, high-leverage instruction techniques. Our team is committed to long-term, sustained support to ensure lasting results.

If you are considering an investment in ELL professional services, but aren’t sure of the need, CORE’s experts can evaluate your school’s current ELL support system. After completing a thorough review, which includes classroom audits, focus groups, surveys, and data collection, CORE experts will collaborate with you to determine next steps for providing long-term and sustained professional learning to help your educators improve instruction and academic achievement in your school or district. Get in touch to discuss how CORE can your school or district improve outcomes for English language learners.

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