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Top 10 Podcasts for Educators

Podcasts are a great resource for educators, allowing you to access all the latest news, tech, and practical tips from the world of education while you’re on the go. 

The best podcasts for educators span topics including professional development, industry trends, and new teaching strategies to help you level up in every aspect of your teaching practice. 

Listening to podcasts also gives you the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and gain new perspectives. 

We asked our CORE Learning team of education experts about their favorite podcasts for educators — and they delivered. Here are their top ten podcasts, in no particular order.

1. The LP: Literature in Practice

The LP: Literature in Practice is an UnboundEd podcast series that examines texts and practices that encourage student instruction to become more grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful.

Hosted by Brandon White, The LP Podcast explores education through a social justice lens, covering topics including equity, self-care and resistance, dignity, and liberation.

2. Sold a Story

In 2017, Emily Hanford of APM Reports began investigating how children are taught to read in schools and shared her findings in a series of ongoing reports.

Hanford found that certain ideas about teaching literacy to children have held sway for more than a generation — despite being proven wrong by cognitive scientists decades ago.

In Sold a Story, Hanford distills her findings into digestible episodes that expose the widespread flaws in the educational system, the influential authors who promote these ideas, and the company that publishes their work. 

3. Getting Reading Right

Getting Reading Right is a podcast series by Education Week covering the early years of literacy instruction. Each episode interrogates the cognitive science behind how kids acquire foundational reading skills, with a focus on the earliest elementary readers: kindergarten through second grade. 

Using reporting, explainers, opinion pieces, surveys, and multimedia features, the podcast explores what teachers know about reading and where they learned it and discusses the challenges they face in bringing research-backed teaching principles into K-2 classrooms.

4. Melissa and Lori Love Literacy

Melissa and Lori share their passion for literacy teaching through this podcast, which is aimed at teachers interested in the science of reading, knowledge building, and high-quality curriculum. 

Alongside their guests, who include literacy researchers, experts, teachers, leaders, parents, and advocates, Melissa and Lori explore new ways of thinking about teaching reading and writing.

5. EdView 360

The EDVIEW360 podcast offers educators the latest research, insights, and thought leadership focusing on technology and best educational practices.

In each episode, a leader from the education sector — including researchers, authors, literacy experts, language therapists, and entrepreneurs — joins the discussion on topics such as the science of reading, multilingual learners, and learners with disabilities.

6. Science of Reading: the Podcast

You guessed it — this podcast is all about the science of reading. In each episode, host Susan Lambert — chief academic officer of elementary humanities at Amplify — explores the growing body of research around early literacy.

Packed with the latest insights from researchers and practitioners of the science of reading, this podcast is a must-listen for all elementary school teachers who want to improve their literacy instruction. 

7. House of #EdTech

In this edtech podcast, host Christopher Nesi explores how technology impacts the way teachers deliver instruction and interact with students in today’s world. He also invites innovators in the tech space and educators to share teaching tips and strategies to turn classrooms into spaces where students can succeed. 

8. Teacher Toolkit

In this podcast, Ross Morrison McGill — a leading educational consultant and former school leader in the UK — provides practical and evidence-based advice to teachers and educators around the world. 

Teacher Toolkit covers various topics, including teacher well-being, classroom management, and the effective use of educational technology. Ross regularly interviews educators, education experts, and other practitioners who share their strategies and insights on improving student outcomes, developing educator practice, and enhancing the education system.

9. Teacher Off Duty

The “#1 teacher podcast in the world” tackles teacher self-care, professional development, and personal growth, including topics such as mental health, work-life balance, and burnout. Teachers Off Duty also provides practical advice, strategies, and tips that educators can implement to improve both their well-being and their teaching practices. 

10. School Psyched! Podcast

This bi-weekly podcast looks at student psychology, helping educators better understand their students’ well-being. The pod gives teachers guidance on empathizing with their students and helping them thrive — both emotionally and psychologically.

Take Your Teaching Practice to the Next Level

We hope you’ll enjoy these podcasts, which offer valuable insights and ideas for educators so you can continue developing your teaching practice and improving outcomes for your students. 

If you’re looking for other ways to improve your teaching skills, you might be interested in CORE Learning’s professional learning experiences. We provide educators with the tools they need to advance rigorous instruction, high-quality materials, and effective assessments. 

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