Curriculum Adoption for Indiana

CORE Learning partners with district leaders on the adoption of high-quality K-12 math and English Language Arts (ELA) instructional materials through a data-driven process grounded in student outcomes.

As Indiana centers the science of reading and transitions to science-based early literacy instructiona critical strategy is adopting a new, aligned curriculum.

Instructional materials adoptions are complex processes that must include thoughtful and intentional planning. For 25+ years, CORE Learning has led the way on the science of reading and is here to partner with Indiana leaders ready to adopt and implement new high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) that better meet the needs of students and educators.

Our Model: What is Curriculum Adoption?

CORE Learning partners with school districts on the adoption of high-quality K-12 math and English Language Arts (ELA) instructional materials that meet the needs of educators and students. We guide districts through a data-driven process grounded in student outcomes and center our partnership around high-quality instructional materials to ensure that students have equitable access to grade-level content.

Our Curriculum Services model supports districts from the adoption process to successfully implementing HQIM.

CORE's Four Phases of Curriculum Adoption

1. Know Your Needs

District leaders reflect on and analyze data, research, best practices, and previous materials adoptions to establish district priorities and needs. They then align on components of effective instruction and create a district instructional vision.

2. Recruit and Prepare Your Adoption Team

District leaders determine the selection process and criteria for the Adoption Team, designate roles and responsibilities, establish meeting cadence, and identify key needs.

3. Rubric Creation and Practice

The Adoption Team reviews exemplar rubrics and then creates a rubric that reflects the district’s instructional vision and needs. The rubric is tested in low-stakes settings to refine language and norm on scoring.

4. Materials Discovery and Investigation

The Adoption Team examines instructional materials using the rubric they created. The team then uses data from the investigation to make a recommendation for adoption, pilot adoption, or additional exploration.

“The CORE team members put forth an intentional collaborative framework to guide the adoption of our math materials so that all team members felt that they were a part of the process.”

Todd Goforth

Chief of Academics Arlington, Community Schools

Get in Touch

If your district is interested in partnering with us to adopt high-quality K-12 math or ELA materials, please contact us at or schedule a meeting with us.

Meet Our Experts

Gabr’l Stackhouse

Director, Curriculum Services | CORE Learning

Gabr’l Stackhouse is a passionate educator with two decades of experience. As Director, Curriculum Services, Gabr’l oversees and leads the development of current and future products and services.

Sunday Steele

Vice President, Curriculum Services | CORE Learning

Sunday supports the team with deploying our Curriculum Implementation services for high-quality instructional materials in districts across the country and leads the development of products and services for the team.

Kathleen Stevens

Curriculum Services Director | CORE Learning

Kathleen Stevens is an educator with experience as a middle school math teacher, curriculum coach, instructional technology coordinator, and district-level director. She most recently served as Director of Mathematics for a large, urban district in North Carolina where she supported the adoption and implementation of curriculum in 126 schools.

Sarah Murphy Traylor

Curriculum Adoption Manager | CORE Learning

Sarah serves as a Curriculum Adoption Manager, supporting high-quality instructional materials adoption in districts. Sarah has leveraged her passion for supporting all learners, building strong and impactful relationships with all stakeholders, and creating pathways to opportunity to achieve impactful results for teachers and students.

Edwina Woods

Curriculum Services Director | CORE Learning

Edwina Woods is a visionary leader and strong motivator who inspires educators, school districts, and students to thrive. As Curriculum Services Director, Edwina brings to CORE Learning more than 25 years of education service and leadership.

Allison Carter

Vice President, Project Management Systems and Operations | CORE Learning

Allison focuses on educational equity through the adoption of high-quality instructional materials and aligned, equitable instruction.

Chris Clark

Director, Curriculum Services | CORE Learning

As Director, Curriculum Services, Chris collaborates across diverse teams, including Marketing and Communications, IT, Partnerships, and Finance to create and execute strategies for scaling and maintaining portfolio business and delivery operations within the Curriculum Services team.

Jamahr McDaniel

Senior Director, Curriculum Services | CORE Learning

As Senior Director for the Curriculum Services team, Jamahr oversees the delivery of our Curriculum Implementation services for high-quality instructional material in our partner districts nationwide.

Interested in Support with Implementing Curriculum?

CORE Learning builds the capacity of district and school leaders to implement high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) so that educators can ensure equitable outcomes for all students.