Supporting Collaborative Learning in Elementary Math Classrooms

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Langer-Osuna, Associate Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education and the Learning Sciences, Stanford University Graduate School of Education


Collaborative learning is a learner-centered instructional model that involves a group of students working together to share ideas, question each other’s thinking, and solve problems. Research has demonstrated that collaborative learning methods improve student achievement in mathematics and attitudes toward math.

How can educators move students from a traditional passive approach to math learning to a collaborative one? Tune in to this on-demand webinar to hear Dr. Jennifer Langer-Osuna discuss:

    • The building blocks for designing a collaborative K–5 math classroom

    • Three kinds of interactions that make up collaboration: interactions with the environment, mathematics, and one another

    • How to plan for, launch, and then maintain a year of rich mathematical collaboration among students

  • What can go wrong with collaborative learning and what to do about it


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