The ABCs of Using Assessment Data to Target Phonics Instruction: In Person or Remotely


  • Dr. Michelle Hosp
  • Dr. Kelly Patrick


Improving student outcomes depends on the ability to efficiently obtain high-quality data that points directly to instruction. In this on-demand webinar, Drs. Michelle Hosp and Kelly Patrick demonstrate how to quickly gather phonics data at the student, class, and grade levels. This data is essential to inform instruction to help all students become strong readers, especially those with word reading difficulties, including dyslexia.

Drs. Hosp and Patrick also share:

  • How to quickly and efficiently measure phonics skills using KeyPhonics, in person or remotely
  • How to link assessment data to target instruction
  • Routines for teaching phonics remotely or in person

Watch this on-demand to learn about the data, technology tools, and evidence-based practices that will help you close gaps in reading achievement, plan for summer programs, and prepare for tier 1 instruction and intervention in the coming school year.

Visit the KeyPhonics website to watch the webinar.


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