3 Must-Have Features of Effective In-Person or Remote Instruction for Students with Word Reading Difficulties

This is the first 30-minute video in an ongoing series of free on-demand professional learning videos from CORE and Pivot Learning* that will feature expert advice about supporting students with word reading difficulties.

School closures due to COVID-19 this spring highlighted the importance of maintaining high quality-instruction for students with word reading difficulties. As districts determine how to provide instruction this school year, former Dyslexia Specialist for the Oregon Department of Education and CORE’s Director of Literacy, Dr. Carrie Thomas Beck, shares three must-have features of effective instruction for students with word reading difficulties, including students with dyslexia, that can be used in both in-person and remote lessons.

In this video, Dr. Thomas Beck:

  • Shares an underlying framework for conceptualizing reading
  • Defines the primary characteristics of dyslexia and explains the source of word reading difficulties
  • States the formula for word reading success based on reading research conducted by Dr. David Kilpatrick
  • Describes components of effective instruction and intervention — whether delivered in person or remotely — for students with word reading difficulties, including dyslexia


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