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World Intelligence World Sampler

The Word Intelligence program is designed to boost the vocabulary and word knowledge of struggling adolescent readers, including English learners. This content-rich vocabulary supplemental program is designed to augment a standard English course for students who are able to decode and read with relative fluency, yet lack vocabulary. This lack of vocabulary can in turn impact comprehension, causing students to fall behind their peers and struggle with content.

The program consists of a ten-lesson orientation unit, nine two-week (or eight-lesson) historical units, and three one-week (or five-lesson) review units. Two sets of materials are available: one that connects to world history passages (World Edition) and one that connects to U.S. history passages (U.S. Edition). The complete program may be used with students in grades 6-9. In addition, students may benefit from using the program for two years and would have two different editions to use. The editions may be used interchangeably. Both editions introduce students to 450 specific words, as well as a set of prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Beyond the specific words and specific morphemic elements, students are taught to use context clues through a specific context clue strategy called Intelli-STARS, and to combine context clues with morphemic analysis through a strategy called Intelli-CLUES.


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