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What Is the Science of Reading?

Announcing a Common Definition and an Initiative to Preserve the Integrity of Reading Science
The term “Science of Reading” has been used more and more over the past several years but with varying meanings and misconceptions. On February 3, 2021 “The Science of Reading: A Defining Movement” – a coalition of educators, policymakers, education advocates, and academics – launched a common definition of the Science of Reading.

The Defining Movement coalition is driven by the underlying belief that learning to read and teaching reading to all children is a 21st century civil right. In addition to developing a shared definition for the term Science of Reading, the coalition has developed language explaining its rationale. It will also create a series of calls to action for education leaders and stakeholders.

CORE and the coalition believe that it is a moral imperative that educators be equipped with the knowledge of instructional practices aligned the Science of Reading so that all children learn to read.

Each month through September 2021, the coalition will release a chapter from The Science of Reading: A Defining Guide. The first chapter, available now, includes the rationale for developing a definition of the Science of Reading along with the definition itself.

We invite you to join the Defining Movement by signing up on the website.

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