Lincoln Unified School District, CA

Teacher and leadership coaching helps a California school district achieve reading gains

The district, which has 14 learning centers that serve more than 9,100 students, partnered with CORE during the 2012-13 school year with the goal of improving literacy instruction and achievement at the K-3 grade levels. Initially, CORE just provided reading instruction workshops in the district. However, in the second year, the relationship grew to include on-site teacher and leadership coaching — and literacy gains grew with it.

Helping teachers help students improve their reading and writing skills

Teachers and students benefited from coaching and support provided by CORE consultants Shelly Ramey and Sharon Van Vleck. “In addition to what the hard data tells us, we are hearing positive comments from teachers and beginning to see some strong instruction in several classrooms at several grade levels,” said Debbie DeGanna, Director of State and Federal Programs at the time of CORE’s engagement with the district. “Teachers are saying that their students are coming in knowing more than ever before. We are also seeing more small group instruction, and most teachers have a better understanding of the needs of each student, and (even more important) what they should know and be able to do.”

Teachers with more effective instructional delivery skills have helped develop more successful students at Lincoln Unified School District. According to Ms. DeGanna, “Sharon has given our principals the tools they need to lead Data Talks which has helped them become informed instructional leaders.” DIBELS data shows overall steady reading growth over the last three years at every school and grade level receiving CORE support.

“Sharon has walked through classrooms with the principals to help them identify strong instructional practices. This year both Shelly and Sharon are helping our teachers and principals keep their heads above water as they implement our new curriculum.”