Professional Development for SIPPS®

SIPPS® (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) is a research-based foundational skills program developed by the Center for the Collaborative Classroom.

The Center for the Collaborative Classroom has partnered with CORE Learning to deliver professional learning in California. This partnership builds on Collaborative Classroom’s literacy programs that foster students’ ongoing development as readers, writers, and caring members of the classroom community, and CORE’s long-term commitment to implementation support services that help customers build their own capacity for effective instruction by laying a foundation of evidence-based knowledge, supporting the use of proven tools, and developing leadership.

This course is designed to help both new readers and students with reading difficulties in grades K–12, including multilingual learners and students with dyslexia. The program provides a structured approach to instruction through explicit routines focused on phonological awareness, spelling-sounds, and sight words. 

CORE provides professional learning services to empower educators to implement the SIPPS® framework. This partnership builds on Collaborative Classroom’s literacy programs that foster students’ development as readers, writers, and caring members of the classroom community, and CORE’s long-term commitment to evidence-based implementation support services.

Research tells us there is a specific path that leads to reading fluency. To guide readers through each stage of the continuum, each SIPPS level corresponds to a specific stage of reading development: simple alphabetic, spelling pattern, and polysyllabic/morphemic.

SIPPS aligns with the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) framework and can be used across all three tiers of instruction.

How do I request professional learning?

Schools and districts who purchase programs from Collaborative Classroom can request professional learning services by filling out a request online. CORE can provide these trainings remotely or onsite.

Meet Our Literacy Experts

Dr. Dale Webster
Dale Webster

Vice President of Language & Literacy | CORE Learning

Dale Webster is CORE’s Vice President of Language & Literacy. He leads the Educational Services division and is responsible for the day-to-day operations, training, and quality control of CORE’s educational consulting and management staff. Dale brings 20 years of experience in teaching, professional development/technical assistance, research, state-level policy work and administration, and curriculum development to schools and districts across the country.

Expertise in Literacy

Dr. Carrie Thomas Beck
Carrie Thomas Beck

Director of Literacy | CORE Learning

Dr. Carrie Thomas Beck is CORE’s Director of Literacy. She comes to CORE after working four years as the Dyslexia Specialist for the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). Carrie has led the development of a reading endorsement program at the university and spent five years at the university co-directing the Oregon Reading First Center, a federally funded center that partnered with ODE to provide technical support in the area of early literacy to fifty elementary schools throughout the state of Oregon.

Expertise in Literacy

Cris Goldy
Cris Goldy

Director, Education Services | CORE Learning

Cris Goldy is a Senior Educational Services Manager with CORE. Cris provides services to schools, districts and agencies to support effective program implementation, multi-tiered systems of support, special education and special programs support, strategic improvement plans, instructional leadership, teacher development, training and coaching. Her specialties are administrative leadership, K-2 literacy, interventions and special education.

Expertise in Literacy

Erica Hidalgo
Erica Hidalgo

Senior Educational Services Manager | CORE Learning

Erica Hidalgo is a Senior Educational Services Manager with CORE. She was a classroom teacher in both Texas and New Mexico before serving as an elementary school principal and curriculum director. Prior to working with CORE, Erica served as a curriculum director where she planned and coordinated ongoing, job-embedded professional learning opportunities for administrators and teachers in both large urban and mid-sized rural school districts.

Expertise in Literacy

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