CORE Publications

Lead with these four resources that will take your teachers’ instructional practices to the next level.

Teaching Reading Sourcebook, Updated 3rd Edition

This best-selling guide helps educators join evidence-based research with practical classroom instruction that improves students’ comprehension and fluency across all facets of an effective reading program—phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary development, fluency, and comprehension. The Teaching Reading Sourcebook, 3rd Edition is organized according to the elements of explicit instruction (what? why? when? and how?), and includes both a research-informed knowledge base and practical sample lesson models. This new edition includes an entire chapter on reading intervention within a MTSS framework.

Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures, Revised 2nd Edition

Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures, Revised 2nd Edition provides a collection of tests for the comprehensive assessment of skills related to reading. These assessments can help identify why a student is having reading difficulty, determine what the next step in instruction should be to remediate that difficulty, and monitor progress throughout the course of instruction.

Vocabulary Handbook

For all educators who are working to improve reading achievement, the Vocabulary Handbook provides clear instructional approaches for successfully building students’ vocabulary knowledge—knowledge essential for strong reading comprehension. With teacher-friendly sample lesson models, this book can be used to boost vocabulary instruction in any reading program. It focuses on the three critical components of exemplary vocabulary instruction: teaching specific words, teaching independent word-learning strategies, and promoting word consciousness.

Spend Some Time With 1 to 9

This collection of supplemental math activities, aligned with state standards, makes math interesting and engaging. Differentiated instruction, flexible and extendable activities, and challenging but fun exercises will help you demystify math for students and build an appetite for quantitative literacy in your classroom. The K-8 edition of Spend Some Time With 1 to 9 consists of 25 activities working with whole numbers, rational numbers, and geometric figures. The 6-12 edition consists of 20 activities that include building fluency with fractions, proportions, algebraic expressions, and geometric concepts.