Professional Learning for The Third Quest

Ancora Publishing has partnered with CORE, Inc. to deliver professional learning on The Third Quest. This partnership builds on Ancora Publishing’s dedication to helping schools create safe and supportive foundational environments where all students can thrive, and CORE’s long-term commitment to implementation support services that help customers build their own capacity for effective instruction by laying a foundation of evidence-based knowledge, supporting the use of proven tools, and developing leadership.

Which programs will CORE support?

The Third Quest: A comprehensive reading intervention for middle and high school students who are experiencing reading difficulties.

How do I request professional learning?

Schools and districts who purchase The Third Quest from Ancora Publishing can request professional learning services by filling out a request below.

Are remote training and support available?

CORE can provide training and support remotely, especially important during this time of social distancing, or onsite at your location once schools reopen. See the results that can be obtained when CORE consultants provide not only initial training but ongoing support for full implementation.

Who is the CORE team?

  1. Dale Webster, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer and former Policy Consultant to the CA State Board of Education and former Project Manager at the Institute for Public School Initiatives – University of Texas
  2. Dr. Carrie Thomas Beck, Ph.D., Director of Literacy and national dyslexia expert
  3. Experienced Education Consultants who have been district and school administrators, classroom teachers, and specialists with strong backgrounds in working with adolescents who experience reading difficulties and deep technical understanding of The Third Quest.

What will CORE’s team bring to my implementation?

  • A professional learning organization with over 25 years of experience improving the literacy achievement of students across the nation by equipping teachers and administrators with the knowledge and skills to be highly effective and to ensure equitable learning
  • Thorough knowledge of core and intervention curricula with emphasis on The Third Quest
  • Strong grounding in the use of data to identify student learning needs and to target teacher support
  • A long history implementing multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS)
  • A proven record of leadership and teacher development focusing on job-embedded coaching and mentoring
  • Impeccable collaboration and facilitation skills
  • Expertise in the science of reading.  In fact, CORE’s Online Elementary Reading Academy is approved in many states to teach educators the science of reading.

For more information or to request training and support for The Third Quest, please complete the form below.