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Introducing Word Intelligence: Our New Innovative Vocabulary Program

Aligned with Common Core State Standards related to vocabulary and language, Word Intelligence provides teachers with all the tools they need to explicitly teach struggling students and English learners important academic words, specific content words tied to U.S. and world history, and efficient word-learning strategies to apply to new words as they are encountered.

Many, if not most, adolescents who struggle with content-area reading comprehension can decode and even read with some fluency but lack vocabulary and background knowledge. The Word Intelligence curriculum is designed for those students. It fits comfortably into an added period of between 40 and 50 minutes to supplement a regular English class but is flexibly designed to be completed in shorter periods spread throughout the year. All reading passages are from informational text, with passages linked to world history and U.S. history, in order to build knowledge.

Click here to visit the Word Intelligence website for more information about the curriculum.


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