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Improving Outcomes for Adolescents with Word Reading Difficulties

Presented by: Linda Diamond
President of CORE

Dr. Carrie Thomas Beck
Director of Literacy, CORE Learning

Dr. Monica Ng
Vice President, Education Programs, Pivot Learning

Adolescents need strong reading skills in order to fully access content-area curricula and prepare for success after high school. Yet 30% of students in upper grades read below basic.

In part one of a conversation with Pivot Learning, Linda Diamond — author of the Teaching Reading Sourcebook — shares some of the reasons why reading scores for adolescents have decreased since 2015 and provides recommendations to educators for effective intervention.

Along with the video is a free tip sheet that includes 10 recommendations for intensive intervention that works for older students, four types of intervention that don’t work for older students, and a list of reading intervention curricula that Linda recommends.

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