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CORE is Now an Alliance Partner with The Reading League

CORE, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are now an Alliance Partner with The Reading League. CORE’s commitment to sharing with educators evidence-based research on the best ways to teach children to read and helping them implement these instructional practices aligns with The Reading League’s mission to advance the awareness, understanding and use of evidence-based reading instruction.

CORE works collaboratively with district and school leaders to implement multi-year professional learning programs that combine:

  • Instructional Knowledge: Workshops and courses that build leader and teacher knowledge and skills in the science of reading, writing, language, and math instruction that enable all students to succeed.
  • Evidence-Based Resources: Guidance in selecting and fully implementing evidence-based instructional curricula and assessments that have been vetted and are proven.
  • Job-embedded Support: Job-embedded coaching, collaboration, and data study to ensure sustainable results.

Whether our expert and experienced preK-12 literacy and math consultants are working in a Yupiit school in a remote Alaska village or in a school in the heart of a bustling urban center, CORE’s educational consultants lay a foundation of evidence-based knowledge as they support schools in building their own capacity for effective high-leverage instruction.

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