Webinar Date: January 22, 2019 | 5:00 – 6:00pm ET


When teachers have a range of evidence-based solutions at their fingertips, and a solid plan to effectively use them, they can better meet the needs of students who struggle with math.

Join CORE’s Director of Mathematics, Dean Ballard, for best practices and practical advice to support these students.

Dean will review:

Help accelerate math achievement with resources and strategies that ensure students receive instruction and supports appropriate to their individual needs.

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Each school year, many students fall further and further behind in math. Often they don’t have solid number sense nor mastery of important grade level fluencies. Consequently, valuable time must be spent addressing these gaps rather than focusing on new concepts.

It is critical that educators possess the knowledge and skills to ensure that all of their students move to the next grade level with the necessary foundation in numbers and operations, so they can successfully master more challenging concepts.

During this webinar, CORE’s Director of Mathematics, Dean Ballard, discusses the importance of mathematical fluency and number sense in ensuring all students can meet rigorous mathematical standards.

Watch the webinar to learn:


Dean provides recommendations for coaching teachers and specific activities to develop students’ mathematical fluency and number sense.


CORE’s Director of Math, Dean Ballard, delivered a presentation, “Implementation of ELD Standards in Math Classrooms,” at the CMC (California Mathematics Council) South on October 28, 2017. Download his presentation below.