Adolescent Literacy Support

CORE Learning and UnboundEd are offering grant-funded literacy training, coaching, and support to middle grades (grades 6–8) educators.

About the Offering

CORE Learning and UnboundEd are offering complimentary grant-funded literacy training, coaching, and support to middle grades (grades 6–8) educators.


We invite your district or charter management organization (CMO) to participate in our no-cost professional learning opportunity, our Adolescent Literacy Planning & Implementation Collaborative (ALPIC).

Adolescent Literacy Planning & Implementation Collaborative

ALIPC, a professional learning program grounded in the science of reading and social-emotional learning, provides school teams with the tools and skills they need to improve literacy outcomes for all students.


Each participating school will create a literacy leadership team composed of four to six administrators and educators who will receive virtual professional learning and technical assistance to develop a research-based, actionable, and meaningful plan to improve literacy outcomes at their schools.

Program Outcomes:

Teachers improve adolescent literacy instruction

Schools increase capacity to support effective adolescent literacy instruction

Literacy outcomes improve for all students

Equity gaps in achievement are closed

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Districts/CMOs and middle schools must commit to ALPIC participation for the duration of the grant period (2023-2026).


They will be required to complete the following tasks:

  • Identify a district employee to serve as a liaison for the grant.

  • Complete a Memorandum of Understanding and data sharing agreement with UnboundEd and American Institutes for Research (AIR).

  • Identify a group of administrators/educators per school who will serve as the literacy leadership team and will commit and be enabled to have time for the training/support (approximately 20 hours in Spring/Summer of 2024).

Research Component

This program has an outside evaluation as part of the grant, conducted by American Institutes for Research (AIR). The research design requires a randomized controlled study with schools as the unit of analysis.

A district/CMO will identify multiple schools, and a randomization process will determine which schools will receive the support (treatment) and which schools will not (control). In Year 3 of the grant (SY 25-26), control schools will receive the same training as the other schools at no cost.


 Literacy leadership teams engage in virtual professional learning regarding:

  • Structured literacy/science of reading,

  • Socio-emotional learning as it relates to literacy instruction, and

  • Tools of continuous improvement including analytics.

At the end of this professional learning, literacy teams create a plan to implement at their school.

Schools implement their literacy plans, with support from our team including:

  • Job-embedded coaching and support,
  • Ongoing professional learning and networking for participating schools, and
  • Support with data analysis.

Cohort 1 will begin the work on April 1, 2024, and Cohort 2 will start the program in summer 2025.


We are currently recruiting for Cohort 2, so please connect with us if you are interested in participating.

During the planning year (year 1), school teams will participate in approximately 20 hours of professional learning sessions.


During the implementation year (year 2), school teams will receive 12 hours of implementation training.


Optional: School teams can receive up to 6 days of on-site support and up to 120 hours of implementation coaching.

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