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2021-22 Professional Learning Webinar Series Announced

Enhance your practice with CORE’s 2021-22 free professional learning webinar series. From word problems and evidence-based practices in reading instruction to culturally responsive teaching, our webinars are a convenient and free way to build your knowledge. Watch them on your own or as part of your PLC. Everyone is welcome!

2021-22 Series

7 Practices To Make Your Math Class More Equitable
With Dr. Kyndall Brown, Executive Director, California Mathematics Project

Seriously, Syntax Matters: Critical Connections to Comprehension
With Dr. Nancy Hennesy, Literacy Consultant & Author, The Consulting Network

Accelerating Reading Within Tier 1 Instruction
With Drs. Carrie Thomas Beck, CORE, Inc.; Michelle Hosp, KeyPhonics; Monica Ng, Pivot Learning

Harvesting Good Thinking: Growing Basic Fact Strategies to General Reasoning Strategies
With Dr. Jennifer Bay-Williams, Mathematics Educator, University of Louisville, Faculty Associate, Kentucky Center for Mathematics

Supporting Students with Dyslexia: Early Identification and Effective Intervention
With Dr. Jan Hasbrouck, Researcher, Educational Consultant & Author, JH Educational Services

Word Problems? No Problem! — Effective Strategies for Solving Math Word Problems
With Dr. Sarah R. Powell, Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

What Adolescent Learners Need for Good Reading Comprehension that Is Usually Ignored
With Dr. Claude Goldenberg, Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Education, Emeritus, Stanford University

Rethinking Instruction in Phonological Awareness: Focus on What Matters!
With Dr. Susan Brady, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, The University of Rhode Island

Developing Strong Readers: Proven Practices for Tier 2 Intervention
With Drs. Carrie Thomas Beck, Director of Literacy, CORE, Inc.; Michelle Hosp, Scientific Advisor, KeyPhonics; and Monica Ng, Vice President, Education Programs, Pivot Learning

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