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20 Self-Care Tips for Educators Right Now

Educators are doing more than ever to support students. In this time of crisis, it’s important to take care of and nurture ourselves so that we are mentally and emotionally able to take on the many challenges of remote learning and life in a pandemic.  Our friends at Amplify have put together a list of tips to help you first care for yourself so you can continue to care for your students.

  1. Get some air! Walk around the neighborhood, bring a chair and your laptop outside, or, at the very least, throw open a window, rain or shine.
  2. Eat. When you’re less locked in to a regular schedule, it’s easy to lose track of time—even meal time. Frozen vegetables are your friend!
  3. Make time for small indulgences.
  4. Spruce up your work space. Wherever you’re working these days, take a quick 10 to make it more ergonomic, clear a little clutter, or screen it off from the rest of your space.
  5. Embrace endorphins. Make sure to move, whether it’s a long socially-distant run or a quick TikTok dance.

Download the full list of 20 tips.


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