The CORE Approach

Grounded in Research, Proven with Results

Learning doesn’t happen in a day — or in a vacuum. Studies show that the more practice teachers have, the more likely they are to adopt new teaching strategies. And with sustained instructional coaching and support, the more effective skill implementation will be.

CORE’s Instructional Implementation Experts become trusted partners with your team, committed to helping preK-12 teachers and school leaders build their knowledge, skills and confidence in the areas of reading, writing, language, and mathematics.

Our professional learning program includes three stages designed to ensure that changes to processes and teaching methodologies are effectively implemented and that change is sustainable.

Share Knowledge

Professional learning starts with online or in-person training to build a common knowledge base and basic skills among your team. This training gives teachers the information they need to improve their practices.

Build Skills

Learning concepts and strategies is just the start. CORE ensures that what is learned is implemented with fidelity through hands-on onsite or online coaching. CORE experts offer modeling and mentoring that’s taught within the framework of teachers’ grade levels and curricula. CORE also works with school leaders to build a support structure that ensures the practices learned are sustained after CORE’s coaching ends.

Sustain Change

Professional learning is an ongoing process. CORE sponsors conferences and workshops so that CORE-trained coaches and school leaders from around the country can continue to build their capacity to lead their teams and follow best practices to ensure ongoing academic achievement for all students.

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