Special Education Professional Learning Services

Raise the Bar for All Students

Improving general and special education teachers’ instructional skills is essential to ensuring that students with disabilities achieve academic success and are prepared for college and employment. The 2017 Supreme Court Ruling on Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District RE-1 has made equipping teachers with the skills and knowledge to be able to teach all students to a higher level even more imperative for districts.

The court ruling establishes a more rigorous test for determining whether school districts are providing a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) to students with disabilities. If districts are found to be in violation of this, they could face lawsuits to reimburse parents for private school tuition. Read CORE Founder Linda Diamond’s blog Decoding the Impact of the Supreme Court Decision on Special Education for more details about the Supreme Court ruling and its implications for districts and professional learning for teachers.

Ensure Teachers Have the Skills to Support the Learning Needs of All Students

CORE offers professional learning programs specially designed to teach your preK-12 teachers, administrators and aides evidence-based teaching practices, including the best practices to remediate children with disabilities and to prevent learning difficulties from becoming entrenched.

How CORE can help:

  • CORE’s Special Education experts will conduct an analysis of your school’s current special education program. After completing a thorough review, which includes classroom audits, focus groups, surveys, and data collection, CORE experts will collaborate with you to determine next steps for improving instruction and academic achievement for students with disabilities in your district.
  • Our Instructional Implementation Experts will work closely with your district to establish multi-tiered systems of support and screening processes to identify students with disabilities.
  • We then develop a framework for how to create IEPs that set challenging goals and plans to help students achieve those goals. This is an essential component of what districts must do in order to be in compliance with the Supreme Court’s ruling on special education.
  • CORE’s Special Education Experts provide training and ongoing coaching to teachers to introduce and implement instructional strategies that effectively support students with special needs.

Ensure your district is meeting the needs of all students and providing teachers with the support they need to do so.

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