Leadership Development

Ensure change and success are sustainable

At CORE, we believe that time is essential to successful professional development. That’s why CORE services span multiple years. And during that time, we provide leadership mentoring to ensure that teaching practices — and student achievement — continue to grow long after we’re gone.

CORE coaching and implementation services are available to leadership teams and district and school administrators to build an internal capacity for continuous learning and professional development. For one year, CORE Instructional Implementation Experts teach site leaders valuable instructional leadership skills so that they may create an environment where teachers are encouraged to learn and improve, and are given the resources and support to do so.

CORE leadership development continues at CORE-sponsored national conferences and workshops. Here, CORE-trained leaders and coaches meet with their peers to work together and learn from one another. Participants walk away with an even greater capacity to lead their teams and improve academic achievement for all students.

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