Introducing a New Supplemental Vocabulary Curriculum from CORE

Increase Vocabulary, Reading  Comprehension, and Achievement Results with Word Intelligence™

Word Intelligence provides teachers with all the tools they need to explicitly teach  struggling students and English learners in grades 6–9 important academic words.

Features of Word Intelligence are present in every unit and include the following design elements for the most robust, yet easily deliverable middle school vocabulary intervention:

  • Direct and explicit teaching of specific word-learning strategies that students revisit and reuse throughout the curriculum
  • Brief, engaging texts that utilize a social studies framework
  • Content-area and domain-specific words taught deeply and presented in multiple contexts with ample opportunities for practice
  • Instruction in selected reading comprehension strategies
  • Dynamic and engaging instruction that allows for productive language opportunities and the development of critical thinking skills through whole-group learning, partner work, and written and oral responses
  • Formative assessments for monitoring student performance
  • Primary language supports for Spanish-speaking students in the form of mini-lessons

The program consists of a ten-lesson orientation unit, nine two-week (or eight-lesson) historical units, and three one-week (or five-lesson) review units. Two sets of materials are available: one that connects to world history passages (World Edition) and one that connects to U.S. history passages (U.S. Edition).

The editions may be used interchangeably. Both editions introduce students to 450 specific words, as well as a set of prefixes, suffixes, and roots.

Word Intelligence World Edition                                  


U.S. Edition


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