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Word Intelligence™  by CORE is proven to enhance word knowledge

World Intelligence US EditionResearch reveals a troubling deficiency in adolescent students’ reading and comprehension skills. Word Intelligence World EditionTime and time again, data show that vocabulary is the most-reliable indicator of good reading comprehension. Adolescent students require dynamic, explicit, systematic instruction in word meanings to bridge their vocabulary gaps. Word Intelligence fills this need for 6–10th grade students reading below grade level.

The result of a four-year study funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the Word Intelligence supplemental curriculum teaches students important academic words and content-specific words utilizing U.S. and world history text. Students build their vocabulary knowledge in context and improve their reading, reasoning and comprehension skills along the way. Scaffolded support is built-in to specifically help English language learners with reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition.

Word Intelligence is available in two editions — world and U.S. Classroom sets of each edition include:

  • Teacher’s guide
  • 18 student notebooks
  • Teacher resources DVDs
  • Instructional routines DVD
  • Access to online support resources

Real Results for Real Students

Students at Alum Rock Unified School District using Word Intelligence showed significant gains in vocabulary and word knowledge.

  • Students went from an average of 46% correct on the vocabulary pretest to 63% correct on the vocabulary post-test.
  • On the reading comprehension test, student scores improved from 48% correct on the pretest to 55% on the post-test.
  • ELL students demonstrated strong growth as compared to native English speakers.


For more information about Word Intelligence visit www.wordintelligence.net.

Word Intelligence forces students to be engaged. They started off thinking, ‘I can’t do this program, there are so many words, these are words I’ve never seen before,’ and by the end, students were using the words in sentences. It’s a confidence builder.”

— Tracy Leathers, Fischer Middle School

Interested in Purchasing Word Intelligence?

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