Building Fluency and Number Sense

Focus and coherence in state content standards, combined with the standards for mathematical practice require rigorous conceptual understanding and fluency with math. This workshop will identify topics for mathematical fluency at the participant’s grade level and address processes leading to it. Participants will connect fluencies to their state standards so that they can demonstrate how the standards provide a road map or progression of learning that leads to that fluency.

Participants will complete a series of activities applicable to their grade level/course to highlight the links between fluency with facts, and fluency with related concepts and building number sense.

They will also analyze units of instruction and identify the fluencies students need to reach.

Participant Outcomes

  • Identify the fluencies required at the participant’s grade level/course.

  • Learn how to use fluency activities to help build robust number sense.

  • Explain fluencies both in terms of skills and applications, and the processes leading to these fluencies.

  • Plan instruction that addresses and leads to the required fluencies.

Levels: K–12

Audience: Classroom teachers, math coaches, district and school leadership, and specialists

Format: One day, usually combined with other trainings or site visits

Materials: Participant Resource Guide, Spend Some Time with 1 to 9