equity and excellence for students with disabilities

How Ready is Your District or School to Provide Equity & Excellence for Students with Disabilities?

Take the Readiness Assessment

Across the nation, wide achievement gaps persist between students with disabilities and those without. Where is your district in the process of improving structures and implementing equitable, exemplary programs of instruction?

Take this short, 9-question assessment to find out your district’s readiness, and receive recommendations for how to better support equity and excellence for students with disabilities in your district.

Does your district need support to tackle these challenges?

  • Inappropriate identification of students for special education
  • Over-representation of students of color and English learners in special education
  • Low academic performance of students with disabilities
  • Insufficient teacher training on high quality evidence-based curriculum and instruction for students with disabilities
  • Uncoordinated general and special education service delivery

CORE and Pivot Learning can build your districts’ capacity to provide equity and excellence for students with disabilities. We focus on organizational change from the central office to the classroom, so we can address special education and general education  simultaneously to implement systems that result in equitable and exemplary instruction so all students succeed.

Equity and Excellence in Special Education

For more information about how Pivot Learning and CORE can help your district achieve educational equity and excellence for all students, including those with disabilities, please contact us.