Professional Learning for The Third Quest: A Tier 2 and 3 Intervention for Adolescents Who Struggle with Reading

Professional Learning for The Third Quest

The Third Quest from Ancora Publishing is a highly effective, comprehensive reading intervention for middle and high school students who need additional support with reading. Students receive daily instruction in Vocabulary, Word Study (phonics), Content Knowledge, Comprehension, and Fluency. Students read engaging narrative fiction and informational text with a focus on the scientific method and ancient history with links to the CCSS.

Proven to work at both Tiers 2 and 3, The Third Quest is highly motivating for students who have plateaued and given up hope of becoming competent readers.

“We saw jumps from October to January of 30 and 40 words per minute. The unmeasured piece is that the kids really feel like their skills carry over into their other classes.”
Kristi Oster, Middle School Intervention Teacher, OR

Get guidance on teaching The Third Quest curriculum with fidelity and high success. You’ll learn explicit strategies, motivating procedures, and how to conduct progress monitoring to ensure success.

Watch this short overview of The Third Quest and CORE’s support services featuring Marilyn Sprick, the author of The Third Quest.

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How CORE Learning Supports the Effective Use of The Third Quest

Ancora Publishing has partnered with CORE to deliver professional learning on The Third Quest. This partnership builds on Ancora Publishing’s dedication to helping schools create safe and supportive foundational environments where all students can thrive, and CORE’s long-term commitment to providing implementation support services that help educators build their capacity for effective instruction by laying a foundation of evidence-based knowledge, supporting the use of proven tools, and developing leadership.

CORE’s Professional Learning Offerings for The Third Quest

CORE works with districts and schools who have adopted The Third Quest to provide training and job-embedded professional learning that helps educators build pedagogical knowledge and master the program routines and practices necessary to ensure effective implementation.

Initial The Third Quest Training (1.5- or 2-day training)

Follow-up Training Options (90-minute sessions):

  • Training for Administrators: How to Provide Support for a Third Quest Intervention
  • Follow-up Training: Implementing with Fidelity
  • Follow-up Training: Teaching Coaches to Help Teachers with Fidelity of Implementation
  • Follow-up Training: Progress Monitoring and Enhanced Effectiveness

Site Support:

  • Systems Level Collaborative Planning and Support
  • Classroom Teacher Coaching
  • Coach Support and Capacity Building
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Data Study

If you have purchased The Third Quest materials and are ready for training or follow-up site support, please complete the form below or call 888.249.6155.

What Will CORE’s Team Bring to My Implementation?

  • A professional learning organization with over 25 years of experience improving the literacy achievement of students across the nation by equipping teachers and administrators with the knowledge and skills to be highly effective and to ensure equitable learning
  • Thorough knowledge of core and intervention curricula with emphasis on The Third Quest
  • Strong grounding in the use of data to identify student learning needs and to target teacher support
  • A long history implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)
  • A proven record of leadership and teacher development focusing on job-embedded coaching and mentoring
  • Impeccable collaboration and facilitation skills

Request Implementation Support

For more information about CORE’s services or to request training and support for The Third Quest, please complete the form below.