Results & Impact

Priority Charter Schools, TX

“CORE helped build self confidence and morale, especially among our generalist teachers, which improved instructional delivery and effectiveness.”

Washington Elementary School, CO

“We have seen very good results with our students’ scores so I’m confident we’re headed in the right direction.”

Santa Ana Unified School District, CA

“Our relationship with CORE is an essential part of our initiative.”

Quileute Tribal School, WA

“We have a great group of teachers. We’ve worked really hard to recruit the best teachers and with help from CORE, we’ve been able to create an exceptional learning environment.”

Parajo Valley Unified School District

Pajaro Valley Unified School District, CA

“We want to ensure everyone has the best job-embedded professional development possible.”

Kennewick School District, WA

“The Online Elementary Reading Academy gave our teachers a common foundation for reading instruction.”

Sacramento City Unified School District

Woodbine Elementary School, CA

“Our formative data shows that our kids are really making gains in reading, whether it be in foundational skills like decoding, or reading fluency, or in comprehension.”