We hope you enjoy this webinar with Dr. Susan Brady. You’ll learn why the traditional continuum of targeting awareness of larger phonological structures such as words, syllables, and onset-rimes before focusing on phonemes may not be necessary and/or beneficial for students.

If you’d like assistance in building your team’s knowledge of the five essential components of reading instruction, based on the science of reading, CORE is here to help. Our professional learning courses help educators learn how to support students just learning to read as well as those who have long-term reading difficulties. We also offer workshops, coaching, and mentoring to ensure the use of evidence-based instructional practices and the effective implementation of many reading intervention programs.

Take a look at the gains in reading and math achievement other schools and districts have achieved with CORE’s on-site and remote workshops and instructional coaching. Contact us to discuss your school or district’s professional learning needs.

Accelerate Reading Growth for All Students

Deepen your understanding of dyslexia and the five essential components of reading instruction based on the science of reading in CORE”s Online Elementary Reading Academy.

The course is offered in seven facilitated, asynchronous modules over seven to ten weeks.

The course fee includes:

  • The highly-acclaimed textbooks, Teaching Reading Sourcebook and Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures
  • Access to an online library of lesson modeling videos
  • The opportunity to work 1:1 with expert course facilitators to ask questions and brainstorm solutions specific to your situation
  • And more!

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