Techniques to Tackle Math Word Problems

Presented by: Dean Ballard

Word problems and real-life scenario tasks are increasingly being integrated into math instruction today and are even the center pieces of many math curricula. For these types of math tasks, students must create and use mathematical models to represent and solve the problem situations. However, problem-solving with math applications remains exceedingly challenging for students.

During this on-demand webinar, CORE’s Director of Mathematics, Dean Ballard, shares techniques to help students tackle math word problems. In addition to providing research and resources related to mathematical problem-solving, Dean shares examples of:

  • Enhancing the Three Reads protocol
  • Adapting problems
  • Using visuals
  • Getting student buy-in
  • Identifying problem-types


Word problems deepen understanding and provide students with the opportunity to apply their mathematical knowledge to real-world problems. Watch this webinar to learn how to take the terror out of word problems for students.

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