Improve Math Outcomes for All Students

The jobs of tomorrow will require math skills that include deeper knowledge and the ability to reason, problem solve and apply that knowledge. In order to prepare today’s students to meet the demands of the future, preK-12 educators must be able to deliver rigorous mathematics instruction.

CORE works with educators to increase their mathematics knowledge and their ability to implement high-leverage math instructional strategies. CORE’s proven model transforms mathematics instruction so that all students have the understanding, skills and reasoning abilities to successfully enter their career or college of choice.

Our on-site, job-embedded professional learning provides:

  • Training in the science of how to teach math and reading, particularly to students with learning difficulties, including dyslexia
  • Instruction on integrating high-leverage practices (HLPs) into instruction
  • Assistance identifying and implementing evidence-based curricula, appropriate materials and assessments
  • Coaching, including modeling lessons, analyzing data, and setting goals for robust student outcomes
  • Guidance for administrators to ensure the effective implementation of their chosen ELA and math programs

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