Let the Science of Reading Guide Literacy Instruction

Reading may be a complex process, but it can be explained through a simple equation built around five foundations of reading. Educators must understand the science behind how students learn to read and what skills they need to succeed in order to teach students to be skilled readers.

Watch as Linda Diamond, CORE’s founder and literacy expert, explains the foundational principles of the science of reading and the critical role they play in planning reading instruction and interventions.

Master the Science of Reading

CORE’s Online Elementary Reading Academy teaches the essential components of reading instruction based on the science of reading. In seven facilitated, asynchronous modules, the course covers foundational skills, instructional best practices and explicit models for teaching reading. These evidence-based practices can be used to support reading instruction in the classroom or remotely.

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Put Science of Reading Principles into Practice

If you would like more information about professional learning opportunities to build your staff’s knowledge of the science of reading and instructional practices based on it, request a free consultation with a CORE reading expert. Call 888.249.6155 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. We are offering virtual workshops and other professional learning programs to support your team during school closures.