KeyPhonics Screening and Diagnostic Tool

Simplify the Assessment of Phonics Skills and Strengthen Reading Instruction Based on Actionable Data

CORE is a preferred training & support provider for KeyPhonicsFor decoding assessments to be most useful they must provide educators with the specific phonics patterns students have not mastered based on the phonics patterns that have been taught. This type of robust assessment data can be used to determine if further phonics diagnostics are needed, decide whether there is a need for phonemic awareness assessment, and provide targeted support to students who struggle with reading.

Together, KeyPhonics and CORE provide a comprehensive solution to your instructional needs in teaching and assessing phonics. KeyPhonics is an easy and efficient technology-based screener and diagnostic test for grades 1 and up. It measures the 12 most critical phonics patterns including 102 foundational phonics skills and provides comprehensive reports to help educators determine specific instructional and intervention needs at the student, class and grade levels.

CORE can help your team learn to administer the KeyPhonics screening and diagnostic measures, read and interpret the reports, make instructional and intervention decisions based on the data, and identify teacher professional support needs.

Dr. Michelle Hosp Shows How KeyPhonics Works and Explains CORE’s Support Services

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How CORE Supports the Effective Use of KeyPhonics Assessments and Data

While KeyPhonics is simple to use, CORE can help your team become skilled in using KeyPhonics’ screening and diagnostic tools, reading the reports and making instructional decisions based on the data. Training and support are offered remotely or in person.


  • How to administer KeyPhonics
  • How to understand and interpret KeyPhonics data reports


KeyPhonics Data Study

  • Beginning, middle and end of year
  • Analysis of student skill needs
  • Development of plans to support students and teachers


System Support and Coaching

  • Individual teacher or group coaching
  • Lesson modeling and lesson study
  • Curriculum routine review
  • Leadership and coach learning walks and consultation
  • Materials and assessments audit
  • Presentation of the science of reading


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Professional Resources To Enhance the Use of KeyPhonics

CORE’s Teaching Reading Sourcebook and Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures enhance the KeyPhonics assessment system by equipping educators with the science of reading pedagogy and specific assessments that complement KeyPhonics. To purchase these books, visit the CORE Store.

Using KeyPhonics with CORE’s Assessing Reading Multiple Measures — Grades K – 3

Using KeyPhonics with CORE’s Assessing Reading Multiple Measures — Grades 4 – 12

Using KeyPhonics with CORE’s Teaching Reading Sourcebook

KeyPhonics and Teaching Reading Sourcebook Crosswalk