How to Select the Perfect Phonics Assessment

Take just five minutes to hear from Dr. Michelle Hosp, Scientific Advisor for KeyPhonics, about the importance of not only assessing phonics skills but explicitly teaching phonics so that all students become strong readers. You’ll also get a sneak peek of a free checklist with criteria to help you select a phonics assessment.

Accurately Assess Phonics Skills and Intervene Quickly to Close Gaps

With the KeyPhonics two-in-one technology-based screener and diagnostic test teachers can quickly identify the specific phonics patterns students have not mastered to guide Tier I instruction, and provide targeted interventions for students struggling to read words, including those with dyslexia.

CORE has partnered with KeyPhonics to provide training and support to ensure educators are proficient in using the KeyPhonics’ screening and diagnostic tools, reading the reports, and making instructional decisions based on the data. Visit to request a demo and learn about free trial and pilot programs.