Dyslexia Webinar Series

Must-Watch Webinars About How to Best Support Students with Dyslexia

Dive into our Dyslexia Webinar Series to learn common misconceptions about dyslexia, strategies to identify students with dyslexia, evidence-based instructional practices to develop students’ reading skills, and much more!

This webinar series includes four of our best webinars about dyslexia but we have many more, along with articles, whitepapers, and videos all focused on helping educators build their understanding of dyslexia and instructional knowledge to effectively support students with dyslexia. Visit the CORE Word Reading Difficulties Library to explore more resources.

Understanding Dyslexia: How to Identify, Prevent, and Remediate Word-Level Reading Difficulties

Featuring Drs. Louisa Moats & Dale Webster

Supporting Students with Dyslexia: Early Identification and Effective Intervention

Featuring Dr. Jan Hasbrouck

What Does Good Instruction Look Like for Students with Dyslexia: A Systems and Classroom View

Featuring Drs. Carrie Thomas Beck and Dale Webster

Assessment for Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia

Featuring Dr. Michelle Hosp

Learn the Five Critical Components of Reading Instruction so All Students Can Become Strong Readers

CORE’s Online Elementary Reading Academy packages the Teaching Reading Sourcebook into a facilitated, seven-module asynchronous, online course. Educators learn the five essential components of reading instruction with clear and explicit models immediately applicable to the classroom.

“This course was incredibly informative, and extremely powerful in terms of providing me with the knowledge to directly impact student learning. The process of reading is so complex; as educators it is critical that we have a thorough understanding of its components, the relationship between them, as well as effective ways to assess progress, gaps, and instructional effectiveness.”

~ Kindergarten Teacher, Kennewick School District, Washington